Elon Musk’s ‘SpaceX’ logo has a secret message behind it; Here’s what it is


It could be challenging to succeed in the logo design business. Even the most seemingly simple symbols, such as a crooked line here or an off angle there, can cause a graphic designer's sleep to be disturbed. Elon Musk is not immune to the suffering of searching for the perfect logo. Musk has recently been talking about the history of the SpaceX and Tesla logos on his favorite social media platform, particularly the SpaceX Logo.

And it turns out that although the other has altered significantly over time, one has a secret message. In response to a supporter who complimented the SpaceX logo, Musk stated what his contribution to the Billionaire Space Race was. The rocket's arc toward space, he said, is "meant to replicate" the 'X's swoop. Not exactly a ground-breaking visual joke, but well, I get it.

The Tesla and SpaceX logos (Image credit: Tesla/SpaceX)

Musk said he "somewhat struggled" with the Tesla wordmark's design in response to another fan on Twitter, mainly because of how the company used negative space. He claimed that "many little tweaks over the years" had been made to the design, but he did not say what had been altered. It would be great to see how typefaces have evolved for those of us who enjoy typography.

The SpaceX logo is only one of many designs with hidden meanings. Numerous logo "secrets" have come to light during the past few years, including those for Toyota and Bluetooth. Wait until you see what some people imagine the letter "T" to look like since we're talking about Tesla. It's crucial to remember that not all of these are deliberate.

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