Latest Sky Billboards and Criticism

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Instead of stars lit up the night sky, advertisements may soon appear. The new start-up in Russia, Star Rocket, will broadcast sky advertisements at night, shortly released worldwide and classified as a pricey advertising medium.

Start Rocket is going to display billboard advertising in the sky. They have successfully tested the display of night sky advertisements using McDonald's and KFC emblems to encourage consumers to see their ads.


Start Rocket will deploy its first Orbital Display in 2020 to display advertising worldwide by 2021. The single ad is as large as 500 kilometers (approximately 250 to 310 miles), and this ad will only be shown for 6 minutes. And after 6 minutes, the commercial will be changed with another ad.

It is currently unknown how companies may apply and what regions they will be debuting at first, but the launch date was set in 2020.

This invention receives a great deal of criticism at the moment as a scientist calls the conduct "the destruction of nature." To say that this method will feed the people of any country's nightlife. In addition to advertising in the sky at night, human nature loves to view a clean atmosphere with stars and the brilliant moon.


Researchers worry that satellite light pollution may make stars less visible. The intentions of the business to utilize the city as an advertising area have also been subject to much criticism and censorship in social media.

 "Visual pollution, commercial greed climax," one person comments on a Facebook page of Space Rocket. "Nobody on earth wants this or needs it. Use your money for anything better than the publicity to destroy our sky. What a terrible idea, "Another says.

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